Gurgaon Dwarka Expressway Master Plan

The newest master plan produced by Haryana’s Town and Country Planning Department is the Gurgaon Master Plan 2031.

However, due to rapid urbanisation, the Master Plan for Gurgaon was amended for 2025, with a population density of 120 people per square kilometre. A substantial area has been set aside in the Gurgaon Master Plan 2025 for the establishment of SEZs. Demand for SEZs, on the other hand, fell, and the entire industry landscape shifted.

Here you may see all of Gurgaon’s Master Plans for the years 2031, 2025, and 2020. Below is an overview of the most recent Gurgaon Master Plan 2031. In conclusion, you can express your thoughts or make ideas in the comments area.

Development in the Public and Private Sector

The Haryana Urban Development Authority and licenced colonists in the private sector worked together through the Town and Country Planning Department to achieve planned development in the Gurgaon – Manesar Urban Complex.


2022 Master Plan for Gurgaon

On February 5, 2007, the Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex – 2021 development plan was released, with a projected population of 37 lacs and a population density of 80 PPA (persons per acre). Later, in all of the State’s Development Plans, it was determined to increase the sector density from 80 PPA to 100 PPA and then from 100 PPA to 120 PPA.


A total of 16021 hectares has been set aside for Residential Projects on Dwarka Expressway use in order to meet the expected population of 42.50 lacs as per the Gurgaon Master Plan 2031. In the various Luxurious Projects in Dwarka Expressway of this Development Plan, the Haryana Urban Development Authority and licenced colonists have already constructed an area of 8000 hectares.

The above-mentioned Dwarka Expressway Ready to Move Projects will be able to support a population of 20.00 lacs. Within the urbanisable region, existing town and village abadies can accommodate a total of 2 lacs people. The Development Plan proposes extra residential space to meet the needs of the remaining 20.50 lacs expected population.


A total of 1616 hectares of land have been set aside for New Projects on Dwarka Expressway purposes in the Gurgaon master plan 2031, of which Haryana Urban Development Authority has developed 480 hectares. The projected new commercial districts in Gurgaon’s Master Development Plan would be developed as large commercial malls and corporate commercial complexes.

Furthermore, commercial belts with a width of 200 metres have been installed along chosen highways to meet the needs of the surrounding communities. To address our wholesale trade needs for building materials, cereals, fruits, and vegetables, the government has set aside roughly 48.50 hectares of land in sector 99A, which will be developed entirely by the government or its agencies.

Nagar, Transport

Haryana Urban Development Authority has also constructed a Transport Nagar in Sector 33, which spans 28 hectares. The Transport Nagar and Container Depots, which will be adjacent to Garhi Harsaru Railway Station on the Delhi-Rewari Railway line, have been proposed to meet future public demand.

A 45-hectare plot of land adjacent to hamlet Garhi Harsaru along the railway line, just across from the intended wholesale market in sector 99A, has been set aside for idle parking.

Zone for agriculture

A significant portion of the land has been set aside for agriculture. This Zone, on the other hand, will not preclude necessary building development in this area, such as the extension of existing villages adjacent to abadi deh, if done as part of a government-approved or sponsored project, and other ancillary and allied facilities required for the area’s maintenance and improvement as an agricultural area.

A 50-hectare plot of land at Dhankot village, between the GWS canal and the effluent channel, has been set aside for dairy farming and Gaushala, where all of the city’s present dairies would be relocated in the future. The details of land under Reserve Forest, as defined by sections 4 and/or 5 of the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA), 1900, and as defined by section 4 and/or 5 of the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA), 1900, and as defined by the Punjab Land Preservation.

Because the Forest Department is preparing a Geo-referenced Forest Map of District Gurgaon, the lands notified by the Forest Department as “forest” (aside from the regions in the Development Plan) are presumed to have been incorporated in the Development Plan. In addition, if there is a Wildlife Corridor within the planned Agriculture Zone, it must be followed.

It is worth noting that, while “areas notified under section 4 and/or 5 of the PLPA” and “areas under Aravalli Plantation” are not forests per se, they have been treated as such by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India until the decisions are modified.

A Natural Conservation Zone is a designated area for the preservation of the natural environment.

Except for those regions that are coming into the urbanisable area, the Aravalli Ranges have been classified as a Natural Conservation Zone in the Regional Plan-2021. Agriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, social forestry, afforestation, and regional leisure activities are permitted in this zone with construction not exceeding 0.5 percent of the land.

Worries About The Environment

The notification of the MoEF, Government of India, issued 07.05.1992, will apply to the protection of the Aravallis. Similarly, any project proponent must get environmental clearance in accordance with the 14.09.2006 announcement, which is mandatory.

Furthermore, in light of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s rulings, lands registered under Sections 4 and/or 5 of the Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900, as well as areas covered by Aravalli plantation, are shown as “forest.”

Similarly, any limits imposed on the Eco-Sensitive Zone announced around Sultanpur National Park via MoEF notification dated 29.01.2010 or for environmental protection in any other way must be obeyed and executed.

Pumping of groundwater in and out of a region up to 5 kilometres from the Delhi-Haryana border on the Haryana side of the ridge, as well as in the Aravalli hills, is also barred by the Court’s orders. The plan’s environmental impact assessment will be carried out by an independent third party.

Heritage Site Preservation

Monuments, heritage sites, and special locations with aesthetic, emotive, or historic value that deserve protection must be safeguarded.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development will be carried out in phases by the implementing agencies in accordance with the requirements.

Hubs’ land use dispersion

The land use specification of Hubs envisioned along the KMP Expressway must be done in compliance with the KMP Global Corridor Development Plan.


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